World’s Most Expensive Tattoo

Tattoos are one of the forms of art that have recently been attracting more and more attention from various groups. Reporting from,, For tattoo lovers, spending a lot of money on tattoos is a very natural thing. They do not mind if they have to spend money to get maximum results.

1. Bob Tyrrell ($155 per hour) Bob Tyrrell is a Michigan-based tattoo artist who began his career in his 30s. He became well-known for inking Kid Rock’s back. He has since appeared on the television shows LA Ink and London Ink, as well as served as a jurist for the first Chaudesaigues Grant.

As quite possibly of the most costly tattoo on the planet, he partook in the 2012 Overall Tattoo Gathering. With this style and ability to endure darkness, Bob has become a legend worth $155 per hour for tattoos.

2. Keith Underwood ($200 each Hour)

Keith Co-possesses Austin Tattoo Organization and Taylor Road Tattoo. He grew up in the tattoo industry as well. However, Keith Underwood’s street style art tattoo style is what made him famous, but all of his work costs at least $200 per hour.

3. Katherine Von Drachenberg Or Kat Von D ($210 each Hour)

One of the recommendations on, Katherine Von Drachenberg is frequently alluded to as Kat Von D. She is generally well known for her work as a tattoo specialist on the tender loving care unscripted TV dramas LA Ink. He started KVD Vegan Beauty, a tattoo studio, and he loves getting tattoos.

4. Jonathan Valena, also known as JonBoy ($300 per hour) Jonathan Valena, also known as JonBoy, became a tattoo artist, and people have always admired him. It’s no wonder that JonBoy’s tattoos are the most expensive in the world because he has a number of regular clients.

One time, JonBoy tattooed Justin Bieber’s face. Aside from that, the craftsman or well known individual who has been a normal client is Zayn Malik, who was completely attracted to the miniature tattoos of JoBoy. Travis Scott, Hailey, Kendall Jenner, and Justin are also present.

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